Twitter Feed @BPGlobalPR More Clearly Labels Itself a Fake After BP Request

bp tweet 6.9.bmp

The parody Twitter feed @BPGlobalPR has updated its bio to make it more clear that the feed is a parody of BP, as opposed to an official BP communications vehicle.

The Twitter account posted yesterday afternoon, “Not sure what we’ve done wrong, but we’ve been asked to change our name/profile to indicate that we’re ‘fake.'” The bio was then changed to, “We are not associated with Beyond Petroleum, the company that has been destroying the Gulf of Mexico for 50 days.”

Did BP ask for the update? Indeed they did.

Twitter VP communications Sean Garrett told PRNewser today, “BP requested that the account holder be asked to comply with Twitter’s guidelines regarding parody. Twitter subsequently provided the account holder suggestions of best practices that are found on our parody policy page here.”

Will BP go so far as to try and shut down the account altogether? A source at Brunswick Group, which is currently working with BP, told PRNewser, “I heard they would never do that.”

Twitter’s policy, referenced by Garrett, says the user names of parody accounts, “should distinguish the account with a qualifier such as ‘not,’ ‘fake,’ or ‘fan.'”

One digital executive at a large agency told PRNewser, “We’ve had abusive accounts shut down for clients.” Stay tuned.

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