Twitter Expands Local Trends into 13 New Countries, 6 New Cities

Twitter Trends have become one of the best ways to follow hot conversations that are happening on the network in real-time. And earlier this year Twitter refined Trends from only “Worldwide” to include a handful of their most active countries and cities. Yesterday, Twitter announced that it had added 13 more countries and 6 more cities to its Local Trends roster, with more on the way.

Trending Topics are the most talked-about topics on Twitter, and now nearly 20 more locations can narrow down the search area to see what people are talking about near them.

The new countries that Local Trends are now available in are: Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, and Venezuela. The new cities are: Detroit, Miami, Minneapolis, Rio De Janeiro, Sydney, and Toronto.

If you live in one of those cities or countries, you can now have your finger on the pulse of what the major conversations on Twitter are, and join in.

Along with expanding its Local Trends, Twitter had expanded its use of Google Translate to provide Tweets in the native language of the user. Currently only available for a small percentage of users, this feature will be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.