Fly for Cheap with Twitter's @earlybird and Jet Blue

earlybirdTwitter’s @earlybird service – offering deep discounts from Twitter’s advertising partners – has a one-day deal on today for 20% off flights with Jet Blue. This follows the successful launch of @earlybird earlier this month and its first-ever deal: 2-for-2 Disney movie tickets to see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Read more for how @earlybird can help you cash in on huge savings on your next flight with Jet Blue.

Just a few hours ago the @earlybird service posted the following tweet:

Fly with @jetblue & @earlybird. Enter EARLYBIRD to get 20% off flights btw 9/7 & 11/17/10. #TravelTuesday Restr. Apply

Following the link reveals that flights between September 7th and November 17th of this year will enjoy a 20% discount, as long as travelers book today using the EARLYBIRD code at checkout. There are blackout dates within this timeframe, so visit the Jet Blue page for more details and restrictions.

These types of deals are similar to the services that Groupon, LivingSocial, and the latest social coupon provider Wrazz offer. @earlybird is unique in that it is only available through Twitter, while the other services are on stand-alone websites. While @earlybird is still young, its high-profile offerings put it in direct competition with other social coupon providers.

This marks the fourth deal that @earlybird has posted, and the first deal in the travel category. Other deals have included the above-mentioned Disney 2-for-1 deal, and discounts from Target and Moxsie. So far, @earlybird has over 100,000 followers.