Twitter Documentary Coming Your Way: Check Out @Twittamentary

Ever wonder when the Twitter version of The Social Network would come out?

Well, keep wondering because this isn’t it, but it IS a movie about Twitter – a documentary actually. And it’s called Twittamentary.

“Twittamentary explores how lives meet and affect one another on the fast growing micro-blogging phenomena that is Twitter.”

Twittamentary was created by Tan Siok Siok who is “a filmmaker, entrepreneur and honorary geek with a deep passion for great storytelling in the age of the real time web.”

The film was screened at the State of Now #140 Conference, which we told you about yesterday. Twittamentary (described in true #140-ish fashion) “looks at how lives connect and intersect within the Twitter community as the real-time web accelerates serendipity. Bonds are forged as a result of unexpected encounters between strangers as they share moments of their lives in real time.”

The cast of characters is quite a . . . cast of characters. It includes everything from “a travel journalist turned “twilebrity” to a homeless women who uses twitter from a public library to a prostitute who uses twitter as her personal GPS.” Yowza!

And it gets better.

Through 2011, the makers of Twittamentary ran fifteen “beta” screenings across 3 continents including Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, SF, NY, Chicago London, Singapore, KL and Beijing.

After each beta screening we captured the live audience twitter conversation. This input was used in creating a new iteration of the movie. Characters & scenes were added, expanded, edited and cut, iteration by iteration, as a flowing, organic crowd-sourcing experiment.

Check out the preview (below) and please let us know what you think!

(Camera filming person image from Shutterstock)