Latest Twitter Craze: Favoriting Tweets To Increase Follower Count

Have you noticed your tweets are being “favorited” more often on Twitter lately? Or are you one of the folks responsible for this favoriting uptick?

If you haven’t noticed it yet, you will. Favoriting tweets is quickly becoming a “thing” on Twitter – and some folks swear it’s more effective than ads when it comes to growing your Twitter following.

We first noticed the surge of favorites thanks to spammers. Ever on the forefront of getting their crap in front of users, spammers are favoriting tweets left and right.


So you’ll see the notification and naturally take a peek at his/her profile (because who ISN’T curious about someone who just favorited their tweet?). And then you’ll possibly click on their bio link to learn more about them (and this will take you to spam) – assuming the sexytime photo or  Twitter stream of suspicious links doesn’t set off any warning bells first, that is. Not sure how this is effective for them, considering.

But just because it doesn’t work for spammers, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!

One app, Followgen, has built a pretty successful business around this favoriting practice, actually.

It “programatically” favorites people’s tweets (people in one’s designated target audience) in the hopes they’ll see the notification and then decide to follow the person favoriting their tweet. It does what spammers do, but in a way that makes sense!

And Followgen’s data showed that the cost of a real, targeted follower on its platform was about 12 cents, versus $2.50 on Twitter Ads. And, the CEO says, “according to my customers (a mix of brands and individuals) the targeting and analytics was better [than Twitter Ads] too.”

And there’s another site focused on favorites – or at least it WAS focused on it: Flattr. But it used favoriting in a different, though extremely interesting way (we’ll take you on a tiny tangent to share it):

Flattr’s entire purpose is to give microdonations to digital content creators. When a Flattr user “Favorites” a piece of content on a participating service (like Twitter, if it would just please participate already!), the content creator is rewarded with a small payment (a donation from the person favoritiing the item).

This all just goes to show that “favoriting” is the new favorite thing for Twitter users to do.

Have you noticed more of your tweets being favorited lately? And do you plan to try this strategy to attract new followers?

(Image from Shutterstock)