Not Thrilled That You’re Stealing My Stuff, But I’m Very Happy With How It Turned Out

I posted this up on Twitter over the weekend but it’s so funny I need to share it with you on here. It’s related to Twitter only in content, but believe me, there’s a ton of value.

One thing that’s fairly common for all blogs when they reach a certain level of success and reach is that other blogs start to copy the content. Most of the time this is done by automated scripts that simply leach what you’ve said and republish it under the name of another site. Sometimes they get this right, sometimes they don’t – all too often, the script will make fairly important mistakes like leaving in the name of the author or blog, and silly stuff like that.

I wrote an article on Friday called “Would you pay for Twitter?” If you haven’t read it (and voted), I encourage you to do so, because when you read that and then see what’s to come, it’ll be a heck of a lot funnier.

This blog – Twitter API – decided to steal my piece. But something is wrong with the script that this site is using to process these thefts – very wrong. Twitter API, you see, seems to run stolen content through some kind of thesaurus software to change all the important words, I guess to make it look like it’s their own work. But it’s taken to a ludicrous level, and the results are hilarious. Again, read my article first, then check out their version below.

(I’ve cleaned up the HTML and presentation a little to make it more readable.)

Would You Pay For Twitter?, Twittercism

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Over at The New Yorker there’s an unequalled reconsider today of a up to date lyrics entitled, Free: The Future Of A Radical Price. (Seth Godin also recently shared his thoughts.)

I unusually like the note that free is on no account another price. The article makes some dignitary points close to the ‘value’ of disenthrall in scintillation of the aggressively authorization made -away the book’s originator and is a recommended pore over.

Twitter, of despatch, is a disenthrall goods.

But Twitter needs legal chewable, and fitting infrequently the propel envision isn’t in every consider anticipated. It’s not too natural a proposition to make one assume that if Twitter had carried a ritual income from heyday joke I trek certainly wouldn’t be poem close to it infrequently. One technique seeking the organize to procreate some much-needed abandon would be to mass seeking a award interpretation of the ritual.

This would be billed monthly and would proposition a minimal bounty – dialect mayhap $9.99/month. This would be unqualifiedly opt-in, but ‘pro-Twitter’ users energy inherit extras such as

  • A mostly demeaning mostly demeaning mostly bigger divide up of Twitter’s API
  • A mostly demeaning mostly demeaning mostly 30-second abbreviate window seeking tweets
  • A mostly demeaning mostly demeaning mostly once-daily email depreciate of up to date followers
  • Block mostly demeaning mostly demeaning mostly management
  • Better mostly demeaning mostly demeaning mostly intimate messaging capabilities
  • Spam filters
  • 24/7 detailed support

and so on. Maybe $4.99.

Nothing was extinct except your vigorousness circumstances to pecking into those new features. If you cancelled your dues or your cheque bounced, Twitter dropped you no await down to the ‘basic’ interpretation of the ritual.

For everybody who didn’t poverty to liquidate, Twitter would severely proposition on as is; they wouldn’t over any incongruity in the network at all, beyond Twitter’s archetype organize updates.

There choice be numerous features that I haven’t mentioned that are powerful to you. This is irrational – there cannot be an utter idle on the front-end of Twitter (the stream) that in any technique penalises the non-payer.

That’s how I would like you to assume close to the without a doubt in this returns – if Twitter introduced a award ritual that had the new features you wanted – you is italicised because that’s the essential parcel – would you liquidate seeking it? This is a easily given yes/no ploy – you’d either liquidate seeking these extras, or you’d at no forthwith liquidate, no torment what goodies came with a award Twitter account.

I hope you had as much fun as I did. Do check out the original piece because the guy links to things that are even more random and crazy. Meantime, if anyone wants to consummate me on Twitter, you know where to find me.