Another Twitter Bug Suspected As Gruesome Picture Plagues Timelines

CNBC is reporting that “shortly before 10:00pm ET on Thursday, Twitter users began complaining of unusual photos appearing in their timelines.”

Unusual and gruesome.

You heard about the scare some users had yesterday, no doubt, with Twitter emailing folks whose accounts were potentially compromised and telling them to reset their passwords.

And if you didn’t hear about it, you can learn more here.

Well, it looks like there were more hijinks afoot last night because users started seeing this gruesome pic instead of whatever twitpics they were trying to view:


So what happened? reached out to Twitter to see what was up. “A spokeswoman responded with a question of her own, inquiring if these photos are still showing in users’ timelines. Apparently, this may have been news to the company. . . . [And] in a subsequent email, Twitter told that this odd display of thumbnails and photos was the result of “a bug.”

Hmm. So two issues in one day. Maybe they focused so much on not letting Twitter go all “fail whale” the day of the U.S. Presidential election that someone let other areas slip?

We’ll be watching for more updates and will keep you posted!

(Bug image from Shutterstock)