Twitter: The Best Of The Week (March 14-20, 2009)

This is a new regular feature to Twittercism. Each Friday I’ll be giving props to the best Twitter articles, news stories, videos and tweets of the last seven days.

The Twouble With Twitters’s video spoof of the Twittersphere was both extremely funny and painfully true.

The Dumbest Tweet Ever?

When James Andrews got offered a new job, he decided to tweet about it:

Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.

Cisco, of course, has heard of the internet, and quickly discovered Andrews’ tweet (i.e., somebody grassed him up). Their response was concise and to the point, and it’s safe to say that Andrews’ is now thinking about flipping burgers. (See for a great write-up.)

The Race To One Million Followers

Both @cnnbrk and @barackobama moved above the half-million follower mark this week. Who will be the first to boast one million strong? (My guess: @britneyspears, who is really motoring at the moment.) Click here for my thoughts on why this actually does matter.

Why Is Facebook Trying To Be Twitter?

@jessenewhart shared his concerns over Facebook’s new Twitter-a-like makeover, and most of the Internet appeared to agree. A recent poll showed that 94% of Facebook users hated the new-look.

Scott Skiles Hates Twitter

Milwaukee Bucks forward Charlie Villanueve loved Twitter so much, he updated during halftime. Bucks’ coach Scott Skiles didn’t approve, and banned Twitter during games. (Charlie was back updating a day or two later, thankfully before tipoff.)

Premium Twitter

The Twittersphere was all a flutter with news that Evan Williams was about to introduce premium accounts. Problem was, it was all a hoax, perpetrated by those swines at Not that it mattered – the news was soon being re-tweeted around the Twittersphere like crazy, before the joke was revealed and calm was restored. (Read my thoughts about how Twitter could actually monetize their product with premium accounts here.)

And Even More Celebrities

The last week has seen another huge influx of big names to the Twittersphere. Thanks to primetime discussions on Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America, as well as spoof mentions by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart (neither of whom is actually on Twitter for real), everybody with a PR team is getting aboard. Check out @eddieizzard, @frankieboyle, @theellenshow, @liamgallagher, @johncmayer and, um, @vanessaonair. Now, when’s George Bush going to sign up?

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