Twitter Awards to Highlight Top Marketing Efforts

Will the acceptance speeches be limited to 140 characters or less? Twitter Monday announced the first-ever Twitter Awards.

Will the acceptance speeches be limited to 140 characters or less? Twitter Monday announced the first-ever Twitter Awards.

The social network created the Twitter Awards to recognize the best creative work by marketers advertising on Twitter, just as the Facebook Awards does for Facebook and Instagram.

There are six categories, and Twitter will award one gold prize, two silver prizes and three bronze prizes in each. Vice president of global brand and creative strategy Joel Lunenfeld detailed the categories in a blog post:

  • The #Live award recognizes the campaigns that best used Twitter to connect with people live during events, television and global moments, because everyone wants to talk about what’s happening now.
  • The #Impact award is basically the big money award, recognizing those campaigns that rode their thoughtful strategies all the way to sweet return-on-investment results.
  • The #Creativity award recognizes the boundless creativity and shoot-for-the-moon innovation that flourishes on Twitter.
  • The #Scale award celebrates the campaigns that generated worldwide awareness and engagement and had major cultural impact–in other words, the campaigns that rocked the globe.
  • The #Customer award celebrates businesses that excelled at using Twitter for customer service and made loyal friends for life by treating their customers like, well, family.
  • The #Growth award recognizes small businesses that used Twitter ads to grow, expand and spread their wings.

Lunenfeld added:

In addition to major bragging rights, award winners may receive a coveted award perfect for mantels or glass cases, recognition on Twitter and/or or Twitter Flight School, as well as a special digital presence at Twitter headquarters. Our panel of judges includes industry experts and executives from agencies, brands and other esteemed professionals who know their stuff.

Feeling lucky? Feeling proud? Feeling confident? Good! Submit your campaign here.

Readers: What are your thoughts on the first-ever Twitter Awards?


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