Twitter and TechRadium Agree to Drop Patent Dispute Case

A patent dispute involving Twitter and mass notification company TechRadium has been dropped today, according to reports from Bloomberg. The dispute, which had been active since August 2009, involved mass-messaging technology that TechRadium claimed Twitter infringed upon.

TechRadium makes mass-notification technology for the education sector, the military, public safety organizations and more.

On August 5, 2009, TechCrunch reported that the company filed a patent dispute over technology that allowed one author to send a single message to multiple mediums that receivers could access.

Twitter, for instance, allows an author to write a message on their cell phone and send it to web-based users. It was this technology, unifying different mediums through which a user could send messages, that was in dispute.

Bloomberg reported today that a December 7th 2010 court filing with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas (Houston) showed that both companies asked that the patent infringement claims brought by TechRadium onto Twitter be dismissed.

Neither company would discuss whether a settlement was reached.