Twitter Acquires Niche, A Platform for Vine Video Creators

Twitter announced Wednesday that it has acquired Niche, a discovery platform of content creators on Vine

Twitter announced Wednesday that it has acquired Niche, a discovery platform of content creators on Vine (also owned by Twitter).

According to Business Insider, the price tag for the acquisition was roughly $50 million in cash and stock.

Twitter announced the purchase on its blog:

As more users and creators use different products as a way to share what’s happening in their world, brands are also looking to partner with those individuals in hopes of generating moments that resonate with the people they are trying to reach. The talent and creativity across the entire media landscape is incredible, and we hope this acquisition continues to inspire people to create great content.

Niche has been a key partner to both Twitter and Vine over the last year. The company has helped fuel the creator economy by developing leading technology, consisting of free, cross-platform analytics, as well as connecting the creative community directly with the world’s biggest brands.

Here’s a snippet of Niche’s post on the acquisition:

Twitter has become a vital partner for Niche during the past year, especially as it relates to our relationship with Vine and the creative community there. Our software supports much of the leading talent on Vine and Twitter, and we have been working closely with Twitter’s Brand Strategy team to service some of the biggest brands in the world. No matter the project, Twitter is a common denominator: a gateway to the social web’s most compelling content and creators.

Today, Niche provides free, cross-platform analytics on desktop and mobile. In addition to the technology we offer, we’ve helped creators develop new revenue streams to support their budding careers, by facilitating partnerships with over 100 brands and agencies — themselves valuable members of the Niche community.

As a part of Twitter, our pledge is to continue our commitment to creators: more tools, more platforms, and even more opportunities to team up with the best advertisers in the world.

Even if you haven’t heard of Niche, you’ve probably seen their work. Niche helped create the Hewlett-Packard commercials made from Vines.

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