A Twitbook Proposal [VIDEO]

Roses are red, violets are blue, social media is awesome, and so are you!

That’s the gist of what Facebook staffer Jon Park said in his video proposal to longtime girlfriend, Twitter employee Genevieve Wong. Well… sort of.

The video is called the “Twitbook Proposal,” and you have to see it.

Here’s how it went down: after a day of wandering through the Dogpatch and Mission Districts of San Francisco, Jon and Gen found themselves “unexpectedly” meeting friends at Dolores Park.

What the video doesn’t capture is that immediately after Jon stepped away from the group, three of her coworkers began bombing her phone with tweets telling her to watch a video. Watch it below.

So adorable, right? It’s cool how Park incorporated both Facebook and Twitter into the proposal.

For more details, Genevieve’s side of the story here.

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