Twidroid 3.0 Brings Plugins to This Android Twitter App: I Want Selective Filters Soon!

I’ve only tried two Twitter clients on my Droid so far: Twidroid & Tweetdeck. So far, I prefer Twidroid (free edition) mostly because it has a clean way to exit the app. I just updated Twidroid to its version 3.0 release on my Droid. So, I haven’t had a chance to take it through its paces. However, based on its release notes, it looks like a significant update…

Twidroid 3.0 Release Notes

# new: threaded conversations
# new: in-app image previews for twitpic, yfrog, twitgoo, phodroid, posterous and twitter profile images
# new: in-app link previews
# new: twidroid plugins 1.0 + example on our website
# new: action menu design streamlined with icons
# new: share option for single tweet
# new: view large avatar in profile
# new: saved searches sync with twitter
# new: marker for tweets annotated with geo information
# new: report spam
# new: remember timeline position setting (default: on)
# new: jump to top in timeline button
# new: autocomplete usernames for timeline and replies
# new: bring up tweet box directly by typing @
# new: DM list now with avatars

The feature that seems to be getting the most attention is the new plugin support. The list of available plugins on the…

Twidroid Plugin Exchange

…is limited to a Google Maps plugin at the moment. It will be interesting to see what else appears. I’d like a selective filter than lets me filter out some uninteresting (to me) chatty services some of my friends use like various social network games played on Twitter.

Twidroid 3.0 Launches with Plugin Support