Tweets Increase Brand Purchases And Twitter’s Updated Ad Center Helps Track It

Did you know that shoppers exposed to brand tweets are more likely to visit brand sites? They’re also more likely to consider that brand when they’re ready to buy and – guess what? They’re also more likely to make a purchase.

That’s all according to a study recently performed (and just published) by Twitter (more on THAT below).

And fortunately, this all coincides with Twitter’s updated ad center so you can better track the potential shoppers that are exposed to your marvelousness.

Citing a new study done by Compete, Twitter shares that brand consideration and purchase intent are pretty significantly influenced by tweets.

Around 31% of consumer technology shoppers exposed to brand Tweets visited product pages followed by “add to cart” action. This was 64% higher than the proportion of average Internet users who visited product/brand sites and went on to add something to their shopping carts on-site (19%).

How do you get folks to see your tweets? Promote them, of course – in Twitter’s newly revised Ad Center!

It offers a “revamped experience that improves campaign reporting, provides more visibility into campaign performance, analytics and spend, and also makes it easier to manage campaigns in real time.”

We are now reporting all engagements that Promoted Tweets receive — not just engagements that advertisers pay for, but earned media as well. This change gives marketers more complete insight into the impact Promoted Tweets have in driving engagement and exposure on Twitter.

Regardless of how a campaign is set up, advertisers will have a clear understanding of how different targetable audience segments engage with Promoted Tweet and Promoted Account campaigns — by device, location, gender and interest.

This will “help advertisers unearth learnings about their most engaged audiences, which they can use to refine marketing strategies both on and off of Twitter.”

One wish list item from readers, Twitter – adding a bulk ads creator. Add that to your list to consider for next time please?

Do you advertise on Twitter? And what’s on YOUR wish list for the Ads Center?

(People image from Shutterstock)