Tweetle-dom: Follow Diana Vreeland on Twitter

Diana_Vreeland_05.jpg People use Twitter for all kinds of things, mostly to promote products, or most annoyingly, to hawk blog posts. There are a few who use it cleverly. Penelope Trunk is one. She doesn’t write often, but when she does her 140 characters really count. She gives you the inside scoop on something that’s happened in her personal or professional life. She recently revealed that she actually has an editor who reads her Twitter copy before she hits the send button. Who’d thunk it? Anyhow, the other smart Twit is Erin McKean, who in a matter of days managed to get more than 100 follows for her Diana Vreeland twitter. A little more than 20 hours ago she wrote: “Why don’t you … carry a stash of lollipops, to hand out to cranky grownups?” Of course, we always love to read the UnBeige twitter. Otherwise, how would we know that Pierce Brosnan dropped out of school at 16 to apprentice at a London graphic design firm?