Tweeting During a Bank Heist

Can anyone think of a better way to pass the time during a bank robbery than updating your Twitter feed? Certainly not Annemarie Dooling, who describes herself as a “Jet setting, Manhattan drinking, design obsessed sicko; web producer for a popular talk show website.”

Silicon Alley Insider reported that Dooling updated her Twitter feed throughout the holdup.

Dooling’s tweets:

my bank was just held up—with me in it. HSBC 34 and 8. also my whole trackball is GONE!!! im locked in the bank still.

they wont let us leave the bank.

cant figure out how to call work without a trackball…police just arrived. maybe theyll let me go now.

they want to question us. i didnt even notice this gappenning while i was standing there

repeat: my trackball is gone. cant pick up calls, answer emails, or texts. so dont send them please.

Thanks Tmobile for providing help with my shitty phone while im stuck in a bank hold up. thats sarcasm.

no i didnt hit the floor. i didnt even notice and he was two people in front of me. i suck.

cops are questioning us all now.