TweetCaster (Twitter Client) for BlackBerry Beta Release Available for Testing

Seesmic’s announcement that they are dropping support of their BlackBerry Twitter client was met by some amount of hand wringing as the once market leading BlackBerry platform fades away like Palm OS, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Seesmic Drops BlackBerry Support. What about webOS?

However, as is often the case, when one door closes another opens. In this case, Handmark announced they are porting their TweetCaster Twitter app to BlackBerry. It is currently in a private beta. However, it is quite easy to test it out. All Handmark asks is that you tweet about it to get the beta release of the app.

TweetCaster for BlackBerry BETA

I’ve been using the free ad-supported version of TweetCaster for Android for months. If the BlackBerry version is as good as the Android version, BlackBerry users will have a good alternative to Seesmic in the near future.