Tweet Your Social Content More Efficiently With Buffer And Ifttt

Buffer is one of the darling Twitter apps of the tweet elite. It allows you to add content items – a link, a retweet – to your buffer, and schedules them to be tweeted from your Twitter account at optimal time throughout the day.

Now, Buffer has expanded how you can share your social content by partnering with Ifttt (If this then that). The combo of these two apps now lets you share nearly anything you like on the web with your Twitter followers, at the best time of day to see high engagement rates.

There are a nearly infinite number of ways you can share content on the social web. You can bookmark something in Delicious, favorite a photo on Flickr, upload your own images via Instagram, or star something in Google Reader. And now, you can Buffer all of these activities, too.

The new partnership works like this:

Whenever you perform a social action online, you can also choose to add that action to your Buffer, using Ifttt. Once added, Buffer will take care of tweeting out that content from your account when you’ll see the most engagement.

For instance, if you want to share a story you just read on Google Reader with your Twitter followers, all you’d have to do is set up Ifttt to connect your Google Reader with Buffer. Then, when you star items, they will be slotted into your Buffer and scheduled throughout the day.

There are five official “recipes” that combine Buffer with different social activities, including:

  • Starring something in Google Reader will add it to your Buffer and posted at an optimal time
  • Adding new photos to Instagram will also add them to your Buffer and tweet them throughout the day
  • Typing an update into Google Talk will Buffer that update for you
  • Writing a text message to Ifttt will also create a Buffered tweet
  • Bookmarking something to Delicious will also Buffer that item and send it out later as a tweet

And there are plenty of other ways you can easily tweet content you’re already sharing on other social networks. You can check out a full list of recipes here.

If you haven’t tried out Buffer, now’s a great chance to give it a shot. It makes scheduling tweets a breeze, and requires little more than a single click. Plus, it is proven to increase clicks by 200%, double retweets and get users an average of 100 new followers in 3 weeks.