Tweekly News Offers Hilarious Weekly Twitter Recaps And Helps Fans Quit Smoking

If you like funny (and we know you do), you’ll want to check out the Sklar Brothers’ latest adventure, hosting the brand new Tweekly News on My Damn Channel.

The weekly comedy series is centered around Twitter, of course, and focuses on pop culture as seen through the eyes of Randy and Jason Sklar.

And the ‘quit smoking’ part? Well, the show’s sponsor offers a free online quit smoking program, called EX® that helps smokers ‘re-learn life without cigarettes.’

According to Corey Moss, VP of digital for Principato-Young Entertainment, and executive producer of The Tweekly News, there wasn’t really any one triggering event that inspired the show, rather he “wanted to create a show with built-in marketing” and this led to the (pretty ingenious) thought that “if we made a show that called out the best and worst stuff on Twitter, our show would get tweeted.”

Added Barnett, founder/CEO of My Damn Channel: “PYE came with a great idea. We landed two of our favorite hosts and partnered with a smart brand to co-create health-conscious comedy. Next stop: World Peace.”

How do they decide what to cover each week? Moss tells us they “follow the trending topics as well as hundreds of tweeters, but it’s really about looking at the big news stories each week through this filter.”

Although it appears effortless, “breaking down the world’s most and least important trending topics” is not easy. It takes four days to source stories and create each week’s video.

As part of the show, the Sklar Brothers will host a weekly “Time to Re-Learn” segment where they will offer free advice to stars on Twitter. The segment will show celebrities that it’s possible to re-learn parts of their life, in much the same way that EX® helps people re-learn the things that make them want to smoke.

“We hope that by making fun of the mindless drivel that celebrities tap into their phones for five minutes, we can actually do something good,” said Jason. “We like to think of ourselves as heroes.”

“I actually like to think of ourselves as national treasures,” said Randy.

The Sklars share a Twitter account (@SklarBrothers) and write all of their tweets together. If you want to be featured, tweet your best stuff to them – you never know if you’ll make the cut! Someone has to, right?

Here’s the first episode. New episodes will be available every Friday, 9 am. ET to be precise.

Will you be tuning in?

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