TV: Still dripping with sex; Bedrooms? Not so much…

Good work, Hollywood! In just seven years, The Hollywood Reporter heralds that we’ve doubled the number of sex scenes on TV, per a new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

For those keeping score, (Heh-heh. You said, ‘score.’) there were 3,800 scenes with sexual content spotted in more than 1,100 shows studied – a rise from about 1,900 such scenes in 1998.

Better still:

Vicky Rideout, a vice president at Kaiser, says the number of shows that included a message about the risks and responsibilities of sex is still very small, and has remained flat since 2002.

This would be troubling if not for the fact that, on average, Americans have sex so rarely: According to the Kinsey Institute’s website, 23% of single men reported having had no sex at all over a year.

The ball-and-chain crowd doesn’t fare much better: 13% of married couples reported having sex a few times per year; 45% reported only a few times per month.

18de22a7-54bc-41e0-9913-a687540fe20a.jpgWhich, frankly, sounds fine to us. FishbowlLA is in favor of sex on TV, and opposed to actual sex. You can hold us to that. (We apply the same principle to police chases and home makeovers.)