TV Show ‘Covert Affairs’ Takes To Twitter To Run Alternative Plotline

The CIA operatives in the USA Network show Covert Affairs are turning Twitter into an internal communications feed, running a mission to Budapest 140-characters at a time. In an innovative merger of TV and Twitter, you can follow along with the characters from Covert Affairs as they tweet an alternative plotline to the show’s main story as it unfolds weekly.

The Covert Affairs Tweetcast urges fans of the show to “Follow [main character] Auggie and his fellow operatives on their latest mission in Budapest. Watch the life stream of CIA Communications, analyze intelligence and give Auggie advice on how to bring everyone home safely.”

It’s an interactive alternative plotline happening in real-time, and it’s happening on Twitter.

Four operatives from the TV show will be tweeting daily about their operation in Budapest. Fans of the show can follow the characters’ banter as they contact a CIA informant within the elite bodyguard squad of a minor Saudi royal. When the information exchange goes wrong, the team must protect the identity of their informant and retrieve the intelligence.

Fans can enjoy not only the witty tweets from the show’s characters, but also mission briefing and recap videos, documents, audio streams, interactive polls and photos to go along with the tweetcast.

Beginning this Monday, the Budapest tweetcast operation will unfold weekly, until it is resolved during the on-air broadcast of the show on July 12th.

Via Mashable