Turkey, Games and The Oregon Trail on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

A pair of Turkish apps, as well as one in Bulgarian and Thai, were on our list of Top 20 Emerging Applications this week. A slew of games, including the recently released Oregon Trail from Blue Fang Games, Large Animal Games’ Spartacus: Gods of the Arena game, a few apps that created content for users’ feeds and apps with videos. The list comes from our AppData service, our data service tracking application traffic and growth on social platforms.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. TIK TAC TOE642,467+358,827+127%
2. The Oregon Trail338,721+338,710+3,079,180%
3. Salon Street878,291+258,411+42%
4. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena – The Game542,515+250,297+86%
5. Джезве / Cezve801,959+234,083+41%
6. Persian’s Daily Clip725,798+232,517+47%
7. Dog Show Friends783,212+227,495+41%
8. Vokabeltest 2.0315,191+212,775+208%
9. เท็กซัสโป๊กเกอร์เวอร์ชั่นไทย507,305+194,712+62%
10. Monopoly Millionaires223,609+193,980+655%
11. Funmoods846,325+186,429+28%
12. Tavla925,223+185,352+25%
13. Touch HD412,425+182,425+79%
14. PyramidVille500,635+174,204+53%
15. Pawn Stars: The Game417,527+171,640+70%
16. Travel Balloon515,642+156,293+43%
17. Birthdays Reminder818,429+154,057+23%
18. Glory of Rome615,555+138,082+29%
19. Puzzled Hearts999,982+137,456+16%
20. Videoloji265,067+134,036+102%

Two games in Turkish, Tavla and Videolji, were on our list this week. The game Tavla added 185,400 MAUs while video sharing app Videoloji saw 134,000. Then there was the Thai version of Texas Hold’em Poker, which grew by 194,700 MAUs, an app in Persian called Persian’s Daily Clip, which saw 232,500 MAUs and automatically subscribers users to daily video clips, posting these to the feed for you. Finally a Bulgarian app, Bulgarian Coffee Shop, counted 234,000 MAUs.

There were a few interesting apps in the list this week. Travel Balloon is an app that memorializes dead loved ones, counting 156,300 MAUs this week. Birthdays Reminder, which we wrote about for its apparent violation of platform policies, was on the list again with 137,500 MAUs. Finally a Valentine’s-themed app, Puzzled Hearts from 2b Social, grew by 137,500 MAUs. Funmoods is an app that does funny alterations of your Facebook photos, adding 186,400 users this week.

Neon Inc.’s Tik Tac Toe game, which is self-explanatory, grew by 358,800 MAUs to top out at 642,500. The Oregon Trail added most of its 338,700 users, Spartacus saw a bump of 250,300 MAUs since last week and an apparent competitors, Glory of Rome by Kabam, also made the list with 138,000 MAUs. The rest of the list consisted mostly of games that have been on our list in recent weeks.

More detailed stats are available at AppData Pro, our data service supplying performance data, including historical MAU and DAU data, audience demographics, and company information for developers and applications.