Tumblr Update for iPhone Revamps Design, Usability

Tumblr has launched a new version of their iOS app and it includes a lot of smart upgrades, performance improvements and design revisions. The app replaces the old Tumblr application which was a bit unwieldy – it was extremely difficult to browse content and the navigation buttons were difficult to comprehend. This new version seems a lot more like an authors dashboard, and includes a clean, easy to use feed which shows me content from other Tumblrs.

The first thing you’ll notice when you jump in is a great home page news feed that includes all the same items as your regular Tumblr home feed. They haven’t changed the items and that gives a user the sense that this application can replace the need to visit the web version as often. Each post in the feed includes a “reply”, “reblog” and “like” button, and seeing as the majority of Tumblr content is imagery, I imagine that Pinterest is going to be watching closely to see how effectively you can have an image browsing service on a mobile device.

The new upgrade also includes other features, such an improved bottom dashboard, which includes the home feed, a “Tags” section, my profile and a compose button. These are functions that I know I use quite often, and it seems like Tumblr has put a few good user experience designers on the new app.  The tags section specifically lets you look at content related to a given tag. It also lets you play GIFs by imposing a “gif” button on top of the image, which you click to start the image. Pretty innovative idea.

Download the new app here and let us know what you think.