Tumblr Labs Allows Users to Test Experimental Features

Tumblr Tuesday announced the launch of its Tumblr Labs initiative, which enables users to test experimental features.

Tumblr Tuesday announced the launch of its Tumblr Labs initiative, which enables users to test experimental features.

The Yahoo-owned blogging platform introduced Tumblr Labs in a blog post, saying that users can visit their Labs settings to opt in, and describing the four initial features:

  • Themed Posts by @cyle: Changes the color of a post to the color of its Tumblr, turning your dashboard into a beautiful illegible rainbow.
  • Reblog Graphs by @idiot: Adds a button on posts that shows you where they’ve been and where they got all those crazy ideas.
  • Queue+ by @jixson12: Fine-grained scheduling options for your queue, for more fine-grained queuing.
  • Inside Tumblrs by @cyle: Helpful stuff for group blogs. Private ones will show up in your dash, and public ones can have “members only” posts for members-only business.

The blog post also contained the following disclaimer:

Tumblr Labs are experimental features that were designed and developed in someone’s spare time. Labs experiments are not guaranteed to work the first time or any time. Labs experiments may abruptly and unexpectedly cease functioning or disappear altogether. Real features are not regularly tested for compatibility with Labs experiments. To disable a Tumblr Labs experiment, turn the switch off. New Labs experiments will be added and old ones removed, possibly (probably) without notice. By reading this message, you imply a positive disposition towards Labs experiments as long as they last and accept that things will inevitably change as time moves on and on. Labs experiments have not been tested on live animals, your taxonomic rank notwithstanding. Please participate in Tumblr Labs only as directed.

Tumblr users: What do you think?

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