Tumblr for iPhone App Updated Without an Update?

Screenshot courtesy of Tumblr

I still see Tumblr 1.0 in the iTunes App Store at the moment. But, Tumblr says…

New iPhone Dashboard interface! Much more…

So, I was surprsied to see my Tumblr dashboard on the iPhone reflected the change without updating the app itself. I like the new dashboard look. It renders much more quickly than it did before when linked photos took up more space and seemed to take a long time to appear. Tapping on a photo in an entry of a tumblog you follow increases the size of the photo from a small thumbnail to one that uses about 80% of the width of a portrait screen. The app does not switch to landscape mode if you re-orient the iPhone or iPod touch.

I’m not a heavy Tumblr tumblogger. But, I do enjoy using it to post the occassional odd short item or Qik/YouTube video. You can find my tumblog at: http://toddogasawara.tumblr.com/