Tucker’s Take on Tea Party: Not Crazy

The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson went on Fox News last night, where he’s fast becoming a regular, to talk with host Greta Van Susteren about the influence of the Tea Party.

“They haven’t been dominated by real crazies, they haven’t and they’ve hurt Democrats,” Carlson told Van Susteren of movement.

She asked about the Senate Majority Leader’s frame of mind of his conservative opponent Sharron Angle, whose primary was Tuesday night. “What is Harry Reid thinking tonight?”

“It’s not clear,” Carlson said. “He’s been in office for a long time. He’s not a wildly personally popular guy. …I can tell that Sharron Angle’s opponents called me saying she’s going to get creamed by Harry Reid…Reid is smart and I don’t think he will be underestimating Sharron Angle.”

[We know now that Angle, a Tea Party endorsed candidate, won the primary and will face Reid in the upcoming election.]

At the end of last night’s TV segment, Van Susteren and Carlson growled their goodbyes (he, more of a growl, of course).