Tucker’s Quirks

From The Hill:

    Carlson comes with quirks. For one thing, he never locks his car even though a woman once stalked him and another accused him of rape. The stalker wrote a letter to his daughter, then 6, that said, “Your father has to kill me or I’m going to kill you.”

    But the unlocked car? He once found a guy asleep and wrapped in newspaper in the back seat of his Volvo station wagon. “I beat on the windows and made him get out,” he says.

    He never watches himself on TV. Ever. He never reads stories about himself, especially not Wikipedia entries. Again — ever. The stories freak him out because strangers know details about his family, children and personal life.

    Here comes another never. “I never change my [food] order,” he says; he is regular at The Palm, like his father, who is at the next table. …

    He says he likes most people, but there are a few he cannot stand — Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is one. Carlson recalls seeing Frank make a CNN producer cry by yelling at her and slapping away her hand when she tried to fix his collar before he went on air.

    “I think that’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” says Carlson. “His comeback, it’s always you’re dumber than he is.”