“Tucker” Posts Encouraging Ratings

In the key 25-54 demographic last week, “Tucker” (6pm) beat “Hardball” (5pm) three days in a row last week (Tuesday – Thursday). That’s a “live show” to “live show” comparison.

True, “Hardball”‘s 7pm repeat beat “Tucker” Monday through Friday, but the good news for “Tucker” is that he built on the 5pm “Hardball” audience/lead-in in the key demographic. In addition, Friday’s shows are tough to compare (read: irrelevent) since Friday was dominated by breaking news (Hillary’s NH campaign hostage crisis). That story took up all of Hardball’s 5pm show and half of “Tucker.”

And, as the folks over at Politics1 have pointed out: These positive signs come in spite of the fact that “Hardball” receives significantly more promotion from the network than does “Tucker.”