Tucker Carlson: ‘We’re Covering Everything’

The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson appeared on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” this morning. He took a few moments to compliment The Daily Caller.

“…We’re covering everything,” Carlson said when asked about the publication he founded in January. “We’ve got a bunch of reporters..a bunch of reporters…I can’t even keep track of how many reporters…we’ve sections, crime, sports, entertainment, you know, health…but really, we cover politics.”

Why is there a need for The Daily Caller?

“There is a need for original reporting,” Tucker says, boasting that his site is full of original reporting as opposed to recycled news from other publications that he says he reads every morning. “There’s less of it [reporting] than there has been. Newspapers…are in trouble. There are fewer, reporters, far fewer, than there once was.”

Carlson said there’s not enough of reporters showing up at actual events and covering them.

Watch him on C-SPAN below.

> Update: In the following footage, Carlson gets a question from “Carolyn” on Twitter. He reacts effervescently, saying, “They’re coming at me on Twitter! There’s Twitter! Unbelievable! I’m being tweeted at!” The host, without a smile, corrected Carlson, saying, “Tweeted with.” Carlson relented, “I’m sorry, tweeted with.”