Tu Vez Gives Young Hispanic Guys a Break

Apparently, young Hispanic men like girls, jokes and goofy videos of dogs dancing the merengue as much as the next guy. But until recently, few media companies have looked to provide this sort of content, leaving open a major opportunity.

At least that’s the prevailing theory behind Tu Vez, the latest property launched by Break Media. The new English-language site, which goes live today, is aimed at Hispanic men 18-34.

Tu Vez, which according to Break executives roughly translates to “check it out,” is very much of the company’s sophomoric comedy mold — though filtered through a young Latino lens. Beside featuring sections on entertainment, sports and gadgets, the site is replete with video clips along the lines of “Girls in Negligees + Water = Best Prank Ever,” “Nigel De Jong Cut From Holland Team Because of Douchebaggery” and the aforementioned “Merengue Dog Gets Down and Dirty.”

The thinking behind the Tu Vez, which is being sponsored by Toyota, is to go after the U.S. Hispanic audience that typically over-indexes for digital media yet has few custom content options on the Web, said Jonathan Small, Break’s svp, editorial and programming.

“If you look for Hispanic male sites online, they are almost impossible to find,” he said. “Yet 85 percent of U.S. Hispanics are online. This is our answer to what we’ve identified as a void that is ripe to be filled.”

Small said that besides strong user interest in such targeted content, advertisers are anxious to reach the young male Hispanic demographic. However, while Tu Vez is in English, Toyota has elected to run display ads in Spanish on the site. According to Small, Break does not plan to advise advertisers on whether to run ads in English or Spanish, though eventually Tu Vez will also be available in Spanish.