Trust Us: You Don’t Want That Job



These are tough times right now. And if you’ve been laid off for months (still stings, I know), even that administrative assistant job can start to look good. Being an errand boy/receptionist/busy-work troll has to be more fulfilling than sitting on the couch eating into your savings, right? Wrong.

In this hilarious, dead-on list, Punk Rock HR outlines ten factors to consider when desperation has you selling your soul for any old paycheck. Our favorites:

6. You don’t really like the brand/product/service. Why would you want to help that company make money?

7. The office interior is ugly. They haven’t invested in new chairs since 1997. The cubicles are metal and beige. If they can’t upgrade the interior every century, what does this say about the company?

A lot of folks are restarting their careers at lower positions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a gig that’s both fulfilling and satisfying. If you need help getting there, think about attending mediabistro’s Career Circus on August 4th. You’ll find out where the jobs are, develop a career plan and engage with media peers and leaders to help you find a job that will make you happy (or at least one where they won’t keep taking your stapler).