Trump Among Finalists for Time’s ‘Person of The Year’

Good job, America.

Donald Trump is one step closer to having his media dream come true. The sexist, racist presidential-hopeful is among the eight finalists for Time’s Person of The Year award.

During a recent speech to supporters, Trump—who was on the cover of Time in August—said the magazine would never name him POY.

“I say there’s no way they give it to me,” explained Trump. “They can’t. Because, mentally, they can’t. They just can’t. They can’t do it. Even if I deserve it, they can’t do it.”

We assume Trump said this because he’s an awful human, but other POY finalists include ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and Vladimir Putin, so really, he has a pretty damn good chance of winning.

Below are the other POY finalists, in no specific order. The winner will be announced Wednesday.

  • Black Lives Matter activists
  • Caitlyn Jenner
  • Travis Kalanick (Uber CEO)
  • Angela Merkel
  • Hassan Rouhani

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