TRUE STORY: 'I Found God Through Facebook!'

A friend told me she found God through Facebook. Here's my rendition of her story.

A friend told me she found God through Facebook. Here’s my rendition of her story, told in the first person.

People can’t seem to get enough of the social media network Facebook. The ever-increasing popular site seems to be just the thing for whatever ails you.

But what about spiritually? I was lacking something which I couldn’t put my finger on. My life seemed full, married with three small children and a part-time job I loved but still, there was a vacancy inside that I could not put into words.

A friend kept insisting that I join Facebook. Whenever she’d bring up the subject of social networking I’d pooh-pooh it, thinking that it was just a pasttime for mental midgets who were bored with their lives.

But one day, for some reason, I gave into my friend’s persistence that I join her on Facebook. She coaxed me on the phone while I logged onto the site and joined.

Hey, not so bad, I thought. I started connecting with old school buddies, moms at my children’s schools, relatives, I was hooked. Although I was having fun chatting it up, I still felt that indescribable void in my life until….

One day, I stumbled across a banner that read “I love God,” which somehow loomed off the page. I stared at it and hit the like button.

I decided to delve a bit further and found that there were pages, upon pages of groups, who loved the Lord and talked about their various experiences as followers. An entirely new world had opened up for me, I had found something that was making me feel whole, a new connection to something that felt so right.

I discovered ministries, churches, clergy, houses of worship, who maintained pages on Facebook. I read through countless testimonies, awakenings, near death experiences of those individuals who had already either found God and had done so via Facebook.

I found myself being spiritually consumed, in a good way, via Facebook. Each posting I read filled me with a newfound love of God and of all he represented. I truly came to understand the limitless expressive capabilities that the digital world had to offer via this marvel of a website, Facebook.

Facebook can offer a spiritual perspective on digital literacy for all who seek it. You can fellowship with friends, who also believe in a higher spiritual power and maintain a fairly closed group with people whose lives are not antithetical with yours.

Whether someone follows the Christian faith or is Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist, Facebook can connect you with people who share common mores.

I found that I could become a member of a great family with a phenomenal head who soothes my soul. Someone whom I can try to serve the best I can in my every day life.