Trover: Discover Things About Places From Photos by Regular People

I provided an overview of an iPad app from the Washington Post named Trove in my previous item here. It is quite unrelated to a free app for the iPhone named:

Trover (iTunes App Store)

The app’s description reads: Trover is a social network that lets you share discoveries with friends and fellow explorers in a fun, visual way – all based on your location. Trover provides featured list of places in a variety of locations around the world with what looks like photos take by professionals.

Trover gets your current location and shows you a matrix of thumbnail photos of things reasonably near you. Scrolling down the photo matrix shows you places and things further and further away from your current location.

You can drill into a specific photo to see what the photographer wrote about it, comments from people who looked at it and a Google map showing where the object is located.

You can also look at places of your choosing around the world. Tap the world/magnifying glass icon on the upper left corner and type in a city or address to visit. I took a look at one of my old stomping grounds and found this photo of a bear cub photographed from inside a home in Kodiak Alaska. These are not the kind of photos you ordinarily see of places and, in my case, the kind I enjoy discovering. You might discover photos nearby or far away that you find as interesting as the ones I found while learning about Trover. My only complaint about Trover is that it is not designed to also work on the iPad’s larger display.