Trigger Media Entrepreneurs Always Hoping for More Cowbell

That’s because at the New York offices of Trigger Media, the accelerator home for event planning hub, there is a cowbell. And each time a HostCommittee milestone is reached or exciting venture news needs to be shared, the bell is rung a la Trader Joe’s.

E! Online assistant fashion & trends editor Rose Curiel chatted with HostCommittee co-founders (and NYC roommates) Carli Roth, Yvonne Najor. The site work schedule is pretty insane, with the pair generally involved in multiple nighttime events four out of every five weekdays:

Yvonne: In the morning, I talk to people who are interested in throwing an event with us from birthdays to non-profit fundraisers. In the afternoon, I pair hosts to the right venue…

In the evening, I usually have different groups of hosts over to the office for dinner and drinks. I show them how our platform works and then take them out to one of our events so they can see how it works from beginning to end, which can sometimes include six parties in a single night.

Curiel also checked in at Trigger with Steve Bryant and Danny Agnew, who oversee the 35+-males-focused daily email newsletter InsideHook. They told the reporter their work motif is “neighborhood bar” and that all three office plants are named Robert (rather than Cliff, or Norm). Read the full Q&As here.

[Image courtesy HostCommittee]