Tribune CEO Randy Michaels Hosts A Poker Party In Tribune Tower’s Inner Sanctum

Tribune-Tower-party_6.3.10.jpgThe Tribune Company, which has been struggling with financial difficulties recently, will not let money woes damper the party atmosphere for which publishing companies are famously known. Not only did the company dole out $45 million in bonuses, but its CEO, Randy Michaels [shown wearing yellow], also hosted a poker party in the Tribune Tower office that once belonged to the company’s founder, Col. Robert R. McCormick. has Facebook pictures of the rather fun-seeming event, along with this description by the man who posted the photos — John D. Phillips, the Tribune Tower’s building manager:

We are in the office of the guy who ran the company from the 1920s to 1955 — it’s normally a shrine. We pretty much desecrated it with gambling, booze and cigars. Good thing we know the guy who runs the building!


We broke every rule in the building. […] I particularly liked covering the smoke detectors with Saran Wrap.

Seems like fun.

After the jump, a festive picture of Tribune Interactive president Marc Chase and Kevin Metheny, program director of Tribune station WGN-AM contemplating “making it rain,” as it were.

Photos: Facebook via