Trend Vs. Trend, iPod Vs. Razr


Being as this writer is one of two people (hi, Dave!) who owns neither an iPod nor a Razr phone, we admit to being a little excited when we found Adam Frucci’s story, “Are the iPod and Razr Paragons of Design or Just a Couple of Pretty Faces?” Surely, while we’ve always felt that Apple did everything right with their little music player, we figured we would have our day by providing an example of these trendy bits of tech were really nothing more than the friends of well-played ad campaigns. Unfortunately, while that seems the case with the Razr, we guess we’ll have to keep to our original ideas about the iPod. Still, confirmation ain’t bad.

The phone, while it looks slick, had all sorts of design issues, including a slow, ugly interface and crawling data transfer rates. While the phone is Bluetooth equipped, the Bluetooth functions were limited in most versions and might as well be there only to hook up to an optional Bluetooth headset. Oh, and there’s no headphone jack, so you’ll need to buy a Bluetooth headset if you want to use any hands-free earpiece. Additionally, the design was arguably not user-friendly, with its straight lines making it less comfortable than other models that featured more curves.