Top 10 Treadmill Videos On YouTube

OK Go TreadmillsSure, treadmills are a fantastic way to burn calories and get in shape, but here at Social Times we’ve discovered an even better use for these exercise machines – they make the perfect viral video prop. This week, a video of a pair of curious cats trying to understand a treadmill is making the rounds on YouTube and it’s inspired us to put together a list of some of the best viral treadmill videos. These videos “run” the gambit from cute to funny to painful to outright ridiculous, so get ready to laugh, cringe and enjoy.

Cats Try to Understand Treadmill

Here it is, the inspiration behind our top 10 Treadmill Videos list – ‘Cats Try to Understand Treadmill’. Uploaded just over a week ago, this video has 128,500 views to date but is bound to get a lot more, as these cats are awesome. Especially the black and white cat, which I have dubbed “Mr. Treadmill Smackaroo”.

OK Go – Here It Goes Again

OK Go goes down in history as the band with the number one treadmill video of all time. Their choreographed treadmill masterpiece for ‘Here It Goes Again’ has over 52 million views. If you haven’t seen it yet, you either live in a cave or don’t get out much. But don’t worry – you can watch it below.

OK Go Treadmill – Lego Version

OK Go’s treadmill video spawned many imitators. Here’s the stop motion Lego version.

Fat Girl Falls On Treadmill

This video is the second most popular treadmill video on YouTube, after OK Go, with over 5 million views. I do have to say, however, that this girl is not so fat but I think a big part of the success of this video is probably due to the “fat girl” tag. It probably doesn’t say a lot of positive things about our society, but the title “Fat Girl Falls On Treadmill” is a lot more viral than simply “Girl Falls On Treadmill.” What do you think?

Treadmill Kittens

These cats took a slightly different approach to trying to understand the treadmill tan Mr. Treadmill Smackaroo did in the first video on our list. Embedding has been disabled for this video but you can click here to watch on YouTube.

Treadmill Kittens

Play him off, keyboard cat

This video of an epic treadmill fail only went really viral after it was remixed with Keyboard Cat. Now it has 2.2 million views and is one of the most popular treadmill videos on YouTube.

BMX Treadmill FAIL

Whose bright idea was it to ride a BMX bike on a treadmill? As Failblog says, “A much safer bet would be the exercise bike.”

Shrimp Running On A Treadmill With The Benny Hill Theme

This video takes the cake for the most bizarre treadmill video, and maybe one of the most bizarre YouTube videos in general. Who would have thought that a shrimp could run on a treadmill? Or that there were shrimp-sized treadmills? Or that a video of a treadmill shrimp could get over 1.2 million views on YouTube?

Crazy Treadmill Japanese Game

There are some crazy game shows in Japan, and this treadmill game is no exception. It appears that contestants have to run down a giant, endless treadmill and eat some sort of pastry along the way. If they fall, they are flung backwards into a pool. Would you play this game?

2 funny cats / kittens running on the treadmill

This video of two Burmese cats running on a treadmill has over 1.2 million views. One of the cats appears to be in a lot better shape than the other. And both of them appear to be in a lot better shape than me!