Travl: Plan your trip and share it with friends on iOS

There are plenty of travel-related apps on iOS, but Appsley’s Travl looks to make the experience of planning a trip more social, while also offering tools one might typically need while in another country or city.

Travl offers a rundown of information about a selection of countries, including how to access emergency services, and details on expected tipping behaviors at restaurants or in cabs (among others). The app offers details on famous landmarks within each country, as well as the local cuisine.

Once users have chosen their destination, they can create a travel plan, marking the dates of travel and location(s) to visit, as well as any notes they’d like to share with friends. These plans can then be shared to Facebook or Twitter, or with other users within the app. Friends also using Travl can “like” or  post comments on travel plans (say, with tips for places they wouldn’t want to miss).

The app also includes a camera for creating postcards while on said trips. Once the photo is taken, users can add a caption directly onto the photo and share them to Facebook, Twitter or email.

Other Travl features include a tip calculator and currency converter. The app is available to download for free on iOS.