Train your hero and fight battles in Toy Monsters on Facebook


Melesta Games’ MMORPG Toy Monsters has been available on Facebook since April of 2013, but the game is just now starting to really take off, sitting at almost 90,000 monthly active players (MAU), according to our app tracking service AppData. While that figure isn’t groundbreaking, it’s a huge increase from just a few days ago, when the game was struggling to reach 20,000 MAU.

In Toy Monsters, players select their hero character and set off into the world, completing turn-based battles against other characters on a grid. On each turn, players click on squares to move their heroes, with some squares containing weapons, shields, healing items or other boosts. These items are activated automatically when touched, and players receive experience points for defeating enemies.

In between battles, players can explore toy-filled environments, completing quests and attacking additional enemies that appear on the screen. Actions require energy to complete, which recharges over time or can be purchased with premium currency or real money.


Players can replay missions to face stronger enemies and receive better rewards, and can upgrade their characters on the skill tree to unlock new powers.  One power, for instance, may see a traditionally horizontal attack upgraded to offer both vertical and horizontal attack beams.

Gamers can also upgrade items with add-ons they’ve collected, and can purchase skill boosts outright in the store using free and premium currency (including boosted attack points, defense points and more).

Toy Monsters is available to play for free on Facebook, and is also available on iOS and Google Play. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.