TPM Trying New Tactic: Obvious Poaching

Publications get riled (to say the least) when editors around town swoop in and secretly recruit and steal their reporters and lower tier editors. We see it sharply between NJ and Politico. We see it amongst Capitol Hill publications. We saw it when started and wiped up much of Washington City Paper’s staff.  Now TPM is attempting to poach, but Founder and Editor-in-Chief Josh Marshall is offering a twist: He’s being up front about it. He even says on Twitter, “Give us pointers on which reporters to snap up in our next round of new hires.”

From a Monday post: “We’re going to announce a new round of hires a bit later this year. In the past we relied on traditional job listings, our quiet attempts to poach from other places and recommendations from friends and colleagues. But this time, we want to try something new. We would like to ask you, our readers, for tips. So who do you think are best reporters out there? If you were in my shoes, who would you be trying to bring into the TPM fold?”

And finally, “Anonymity of course is guaranteed.”

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