Touchy Touchy David Gregory?

The Washington City Paper often harshly critiques D.C. media. This week, Alan Suderman Thursday, takes the machete to NBC “Meet the Press” host David Gregory , who appeared to get testy at a panel discussion on education at the Washington Hilton Thursday when criticized about his Sunday program.

Unnamed man in audience: “I listen to Meet the Press and I think a lot of people in the room, we end up turning it off, because during the election season, you’re letting politicians get away with softball answers and you’re not really forcing the conversations.” Gregory’s response: The host cut the man off and said he “gets the last word.” He added, “Just because people don’t listen or don’t take action behind it is not something I can directly control.”)

Unnamed man in audience: “I like the fact that you ask them, but you know, when we hear the answers they seem to be soundbite answers.” Gregory’s response: “You know what sir, you know where your recourse is—Election Day.”

Suderman concludes, “Moral of the story: If you must critique MTP, do so gently, with Gregory out of earshot.” Read the full story here.

FishbowlDC has requested comment from NBC on Gregory’s appearance and interaction with the man in the audience. The WCP story does not appear to have spoken with Gregory or PR people on the matter. We’ll bring it to you should it become available.

> Update: An NBC Spokeswoman told us, “David had a great time moderating yesterday’s panel, and he always welcomes the tough questions.”