Totally Obsessed With Obsessive Consumption


This is one of those things where we want to stand up here and scream, “Why didn’t you tell us about this before?” But of course you did tell us before, at least Jen Bekman did, and so did Rob Walker, who wrote this highly consumable piece about Kate Bingaman’s blog-store-brand, Obsessive Consumption.

If we’re not the only people in the whole wide world who hasn’t, prepare to be astounded by Bingaman’s fascination with the culture of buying “STUFF,” as she calls it (what do you think she thought of the Black Friday Riots?), paired with an uncanny creative streak which produces darling little pieces of STUFF we totally want to buy. In fact, Jim Coudal did buy something, Bingaman’s October 2004 credit card statement. It will all be clear once you poke around a bit, and believe us when we say you must.