Tord Loves Target, Hates Santa


A fun story in the Washington Post this weekend about Tord Boontje’s work as the new Target designer de jour (he’s the guy at the end of their new tv spots, which, sadly, are really the first ones we haven’t been so crazy about coming from the store and PMH up in Minneapolis). The story is all about, well, mostly Boontje himself and his history, but it gets into a little bit of his work creating for major mass-production, including his desire to nix Santa.

Boontje’s brand of magic also can be found on Target’s shelves. His budget designs, mostly tableware, include a 35-piece collection that has a red acrylic candelabrum, red stoneware dishes, frosted candleholders, mugs, trays and a “Tord Holiday Bundle Pack” of paper plates, cups and napkins, all in the designer’s motif.

“If I can do things that are really mass-produced and affordable for a very large audience, that’s really the heart of good design,” the soft-spoken Boontje says.

Also, if you’re interested, there was a recent update on Boontje’s site concerning a book about his work coming out in April of next year. We particularly liked this sentence: “We have photographed all work to date in the forest, in settings and in the studio to create a spectacular documentation.” Because, like we always say, nothing beats hauling your stuff out to the forest and takin’ pictures of it. Right on!