Top Three Things I Like About Evernote on Windows Phone 7

It was only eight months between the time I started to use Windows Phone 7 and last week when Evernote finally released an app for the platform. But, it seemed a lot longer to do without an app I use frequently throughout the day and night. Then, when it was announced last week, I waited over 12 hours before it was finally available to me in Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace.

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 Announced and Almost Here

Now that I’ve had a chance to use it for a few days, here are the three things I’ve found I like most about using the Evernote app on a Windows Phone.

1. Metro UI integration: Metro UI is Microsoft’s tiled interface that provides a “window” view of a larger landscape interface in apps (if used). You can see this illustrated in Evernote’s own illustration shared here. You can move through several views of notes in Evernote by just swiping left or right. The view tiles are: Notes, Notebooks, Tags and Recent.

2. Simple to use integration with Windows Phone’s various capabilities: GPS location for notes, audio recording, photo

3. Windows Phone keyboard for text entry. Windows Phone’s on-screen keyboard is my favorite virtual keyboard (though I still prefer using a good physical QWERTY keyboard). Its key layout and predictive text work well for the I way I type on a small device. The ability to use it with Evernote means much faster and more accurate note creation for me when on the move.