Top Ten Countries Where Facebook Rules

Nevertheless, Facebook dominates the market in these countries, which is very rare for any company. I invite you to take a look at the list of 10 countries that have more than 86% Facebook users.

Based on recent information provided by web analytics firm comScore, Facebook’s market share in some countries is extremely high. However, if you look at the overall population of some of these countries, it is very small. For instance, comScore reports that 87% percent of online visitors in Peru use Facebook, but only 27% of the people there have Internet access. You do the math; it’s not that huge.

Nevertheless, Facebook dominates the market in these countries, which is very rare for any company. I invite you to take a look at the list of 10 countries that have more than 86% Facebook users.

1. Philippines

Facebook: 93.9%
Internet Use: 29.7%

The country has been named “The Social Networking Capital of the World” because social network saturation is extraordinarily high in the Philippines, hitting 95%. Facebook is the Southeast Asian country’s most popular web site, more than Google, and has a saturation rate of 93.9%. Twitter is also popular in the Philippines as the eighth most popular country for Tweeting on a global scale, with a saturation rate of 16.1%.

2. Israel

Facebook: 91.0%
Internet Use: 71.6%

Israel consumes a great deal of time on the social networking sites, second to Russia. On the average, social network users spend 9.2 hours on social network sites a month. The country has the highest rate of Internet use among the countries on this list. At least 71.6% of the country’s population is on the Internet. Most of those users are occupied with Facebook.

3. Turkey

Facebook: 90.9%
Internet Use: 45%

Out of all the Eurasian countries, Turkey has the highest Facebook saturation with a rate of 90.9%. Internet users in this country consume a great amount of time on the social network. On the average, a Turkish visitor will spend 7.6 hours a month on social networking sites.

4. Chile

Facebook: 90.2%
Internet Use: 50%

Fifty percent of the Chileans are online, which rates them the highest of Internet use among Latin American countries. Based on comScore research, 28.5% of all minutes spent online in Chile are spent on social networking sites, which is an increase compared to 8.9 percentage points from the previous year. Thus, Chile’s most popular activity online is social networking.

5. Argentina

Facebook: 89.2%
Internet Use: 64.4%

Facebook has become exceptionally popular in Argentina with a saturation rate of 89.2%.  Almost 28% of minutes spent online in Argentina are spent on social networks, making the online activity the second most popular destination on the Internet with portals the first.

6. Malaysia

Facebook: 88.4%
Internet Use: 64.6%

Now we swing back to the Asia where Malaysia has the second-highest social network saturation in Southeast Asia at 91%. Photo sharing on sites like Facebook is becoming the most popular social-networking activities in the country. From 2009 to 2010, Malaysia saw an increase in online photo sharing at 57%.

7. Indonesia

Facebook: 87.5%

Indonesia’s high adoption rates are due “almost exclusively” to Facebook. At the beginning of 2011, 22% of Indonesian Internet users visited Twitter, the fourth-greatest share among all countries. Indonesia, however, has the smallest percentage of Internet users among the countries on this list, a total of 12.3%. Indonesia sounds like a place to open up an Internet cafe franchise.

8. Peru

Facebook: 87.2%
Internet Use: 27%

A relatively small minority of people who live in Peru use the Internet. But those who do use the Internet are very much involved with social networking.

9. Colombia

Facebook: 86.9%
Internet Use: 48.7%

More than 86% of Colombians averaged 4.6 hours on Facebook during the month of September 2010. Colombian is the fastest-growing Internet market in Latin America, growing 31% in the past year to reach 11.8 million unique visitors.

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