Top Friends Hiatus Ends After 7 Days, Social Me Still Suspended

For those tracking the status of applications recently suspended by Facebook for “violations of privacy policies,”

– Slide’s Top Friends, suspended from the Platform for a total of 7 days, was restored over the weekend. As of today, Top Friends is back to about 1.1 million daily active users, or about 60% of its pre-suspension levels.

– Socialhi’s Social Me, suspended from the Platform since July 1, remains unavailable. In a recent email to users, said,

    Thank you all for your emails and inquires regarding the status of’s applications. We are aware of the fan pages and groups which currently boast tens of thousands of members.We are working closely with Facebook on restoring access to these apps. We will post updates at regularly.

(Social Me users have been very vocal in clamoring for the app’s return in the comments of this blog.)

We’ll stay on top of all the platform policy enforcements for developers as they happen.