Top 25 MySpace Games for November 2010

Top 25 Myspace Games, November 2010

Despite the inclusion of more game-focused features, the MySpace platform remains calm with only a handful of applications losing users over the past month. This is similar to what we saw last month. In fact, the only change in ranking came at the tail end of the list with Playdom’s role-playing title, Bloodlines, ousting the Zynga RPG, Fashion Wars from the chart.

Also, RockYou’s Truth Box does not appear when browsing the MySpace app gallery, and the app appears to be offline. This may be a part of a larger change. The primary RockYou website does not list any of its MySpace titles under its list of games, sticking only with Facebook titles such as Toy Land, Zoo World, and Hero World. The company recently laid off part of its workforce to focus on its gaming business — and perhaps it’s cutting back on MySpace as part of its move.

Here are the highlights for the Top 25 MySpace Games for November 2010:

  • As usual, Playdom and Zynga remain at #1 and #2 respectively with Mobsters and Mafia Wars gaining approximately 100,000 and 15,000 new users respectively.
  • BitRhymes’ long running Tag Me title comes in at #5 with a total of approximately 8.4 million users, having gained 65,000 new installations this past month.
  • The mysterious disappearance of RockYou’s Truth Box has not affected it much. The title remains at #6 with 7.8 million users, having only lost 179 since last month.
  • Along with Truth Box, RockYou also loses a negligible number of users, 122, from its game, RockYou Pets.
  • Coming in at #12, Zynga loses the first significant numbers (though the term is used loosely) with the RPG, Street Racing, dropping by about 5,000 installs.
  • The largest gain, as of November, comes from one of the smaller developers on the list, Oxylabs and their app, What is your Street Reputation. Closing in on the 3.9 million user mark, the title gains over 126,000 new installations this month.
  • Moving down the list, “Whats my Impression on friends” grows as well. The BitRhymes application gains 32,606 installs, and comes just shy of the 3.9 million user mark.
  • Rounding out the list is Playdom’s Bloodlines at #25. Boasting near  2 million users, the game returns to the top 25, having ousted Zynga’s title, Fashion Wars.