Top 20 Gaining Facebook Pages: Twilight, Gaga, Bieber, Coca-Cola, TV and Starbucks

Music, television and big brands ruled our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages this week, as counted by our PageData tool, which keeps track of the number of Likes added to Pages each day. There were huge official Page consolidations this week, where Facebook rolls in unofficial Pages to the official ones, which affected some Pages more than others. All in all, it took from 1.5 million down to 419,400 new Likes to make the list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. The Twilight Saga 14,208,678 +1,555,954 +12.30
2. Eminem 13,617,295 +790,799 +6.17
3. Lady Gaga 18,271,241 +685,447 +3.90
4. Facebook 18,956,811 +685,048 +3.75
5. YouTube 13,550,891 +669,627 +5.20
6. Levi’s 1,345,810 +588,391 +77.68
7. The Simpsons 7,418,871 +539,614 +7.84
8. South Park 12,968,668 +535,436 +4.31
9. Linkin Park 12,477,049 +534,185 +4.47
10. Justin Bieber 11,707,881 +513,050 +4.58
11. Family Guy 17,435,454 +510,959 +3.02
12. Coca-Cola 12,064,825 +509,216 +4.41
13. Rihanna 9,158,730 +505,403 +5.84
14. Katy Perry 8,615,639 +504,806 +6.22
15. Shakira 8,751,875 +473,194 +5.72
16. Megan Fox 13,580,514 +456,494 +3.48
17. Michael Jackson 20,140,361 +444,547 +2.26
18. Lil Wayne 11,846,941 +441,551 +3.87
19. Starbucks 13,866,611 +422,064 +3.14
20. David Guetta 8,809,366 +419,420 +5.00

The Twilight Saga” came in at number one on our list this week, not in the least because the Page added 661,400 and 648,000 new Likes on two different days, likely due to the aforementioned Page consolidation. The Page added a total of 1.5 million Likes and now counts a total of 14.2 million; nothing really going on there other than promoting the films’ stars and related merchandise.

Musicians made up most of the rest of the list, although there were some choice brands (and Megan Fox) and television shows that made our list this week, too.

In fourth was Facebook’s Page, adding 685,000 new Likes, now coming in at just under 19 million, although nothing new happened except the Rotten Tomatoes movie integration, that we saw. YouTube followed at number 5, adding 669,600 Likes to reach 13.5 million fans; the Page has promoted various YouTube videos. Levi’s came in sixth, adding 588,400 Likes to its 1.3 million total, although most of the Likes were added in a 567,400 batch on Friday. The company has been promoting its new line of jeans for curvy women via Facebook ads and on the Page.

Coca-Cola’s Page took twelfth place, adding 509,200 Likes to pass 12 million by pretty much just promoting its regular products. Megan Fox, arguably her own brand, was sixteenth and added 456,500 Likes, passing 13.5 million, by doing nothing other than posting a YouTube video of an ad she’s doing for Armani underwear. Finally for the brands, Starbucks took nineteenth place, added 422,000 Likes to sneak up on 14 million fans and has been promoting its seasonal pumpkin-flavored drinks.

There were some TV shows on the list, too.

The Simpsons” came in seventh, adding 539,600 Likes to pass 7.4 million; the show has been promoting the upcoming season premiere on the Page. “South Park” followed at number 8, adding 535,400 Likes to come in just under 13 million total. Then there was “Family Guy” at number 11, which added 511,000 Likes to its 17.4 share of fans without even updating the Page in the past week.

To the musicians.

Eminem took the number 2 spot, adding 790,800 Likes to his 13.6 million fan base and hasn’t updated his Page in the past week. Lady Gaga was third, adding 685,400 Likes to her 18.2 million fans; she’s been promoting her next tour and organizing for the repeal of the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Linkin Park was ninth, adding 534,200 Likes to the 12.4 million fans, the band has been promoting appearances, its singles and album on the Page. Justin Bieber followed at number 10, adding 513,000 Likes to his 11.7 million total, mostly by engaging in conversation with his fans this week and promoting his music.

Rihanna’s Page came in at number 13, adding 505,400 Likes after passing 9 million this week; her new single is topping the charts and she’s up for some awards. Katy Perry followed at 14, adding 504,800 Likes to her 8.6 million; she’s been mostly promoting her recent award nominations. Shakira was next at 15, adding 473,200 Likes to her 8.7 million following, she started and has been promoting a world tour.

At number 17 was Michael Jackson, adding 444,500 Likes to pass 20 million followers; the Page admins have been promoting new music-related products. Lil Wayne was next at 18, adding 441,600 Likes to his 11.8 million and has been promoting a single. At 20 was DJ David Guetta, adding 419,400 Likes to his 8.8 million, mostly by promoting himself and installing a pretty cool music app on his Page.