Top 20 Gaining Facebook Pages: Music, Coca-Cola, Oreo, Harry Potter and TV Premieres

Half of our top 20 growing Facebook Pages this week was taken up by musicians, which has become fairly normal. Our list of growing Pages comes from our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added each day. Aside from musicians we had a handful of big brands, such as Oreo and Cola-Cola, as well as movie-related Pages like “Harry Potter” and some popular TV shows which premiered their fall seasons this past week.

Top Gainers This Week

NameFansGain↓Gain, %
4.The Simpsons7,917,059+498,188+6.72
5.Lady Gaga18,740,031+468,790+2.57
7.Katy Perry9,075,144+459,505+5.33
8.Linkin Park12,926,102+449,053+3.60
9.Justin Bieber12,137,085+429,204+3.67
11.South Park13,382,111+413,443+3.19
13.Bob Marley10,812,387+340,083+3.25
14.David Guetta9,147,916+338,550+3.84
15.Family Guy17,769,141+333,687+1.91
16.Google Chrome2,316,617+332,909+16.78
17.Lil Wayne12,178,730+331,789+2.80
19.Harry Potter2,555,454+324,130+14.53
20.Megan Fox13,903,781+323,267+2.38

There seemed to be some Page consolidation going on toward the end of the week, most Pages on our list this week saw increased growth in the latter part of the week. It took between 648,200 and 323,300 Likes to make the list this week.

Topping the list of musicians this week was Eminem, who didn’t have any activity on the Page in the past week, but added about 648,200 Likes to grow the Page to 14.2 million. Lady Gaga was the next musician in fifth place; she has been adding tour dates and also has been doing some political activism. Gaga’s Page grew by 468,800 Likes to 18.7 million.

Rihanna came in sixth place, adding 461,800 Likes to a Page with 9.6 million; she’s been shooting and releasing music videos. Katy Perry followed at number 7, adding 459,500 Likes and passing 9 million total, having appeared on “Saturday Night Live” and a skit for “Sesame Street” that didn’t air because of concerns over her revealing outfit, but did go viral online. Linkin Park was eighth, adding 449,000 Likes to come in just under 13 million. Justin Bieber followed at 9, adding 429,200 Likes to reach 12.1 million.

Then there was Shakira in twelfth place, who added 383,700 Likes, passed 9 million fans, is currently touring and just released a single. Bob Marley’s Page was next at 13, adding 340,000 Likes to hit 10.8 million total. DJ David Guetta’s Page added 338,600 Likes to take fourteenth place and come out with a total of 9.1 million. Lil Wayne rounded out the musicians at number 17, having added 331,800 Likes to pass 12.1 million and he just released a new album.

After the musicians there were some big brands.

There was Facebook in second place, adding 579,300 Likes and passing 19.5 million, amidst some big news last week, such as a big games-related announcement, a huge service outage and a $100 million donation by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. YouTube was in third place, adding 561,500 Likes to tip over 14 million.

Coca-Cola was in tenth place, adding 416,000 Likes to creep up to 12.4 million. Google Chrome benefitted from what seemed to be some large Page consolidations, adding 332,900 Likes to hit 2.3 million without any updates to the Page. Then, Oreo’s Page is still promoting fan photos as the profile pictures for the Page; the company added 326,500 Likes to hit 10.1 million.

Movies and TV-related Pages made up the rest of the list.

There was “The Simpsons” in fourth place, the show premiered Sunday and added 498,200 Likes to reach 7.9 million. “South Park” was at number 11, adding 413,400 Likes to make a 13.3 million total. “Family Guy” was fifteenth, adding 333,700 Likes to its 17.7 million; this show also premiered Sunday.

The trailer for the next installment of the “Harry Potter” movies was released that week, launching the Page to our list, having addd 324,100 Likes to reach 2.5 million total fans. Megan Fox rounded out the list at number 20, adding 383,300 Likes to the 13.9 million total without any updating to the Page.